Privacy Policy

Our Philosophy

It's simple... we like to sleep at night! All of us here at Clear Token are just like everyone else - we are reluctant to share any information online anymore. It seems like every other day some giant corporation has been breached and our personal and financial information has been compromised. The solution itself is quite simple and revolutionary - we want as little of your information as possible! The key to accomplishing this goal is a cutting-edge credit card processing technology called a Return Reference Number.

What is a Return Reference Number?

After you select the location and the amount of credits that you would like to purchase, you are required to enter the phone number that is tied to the Clear Token app. We confirm that the phone number that you have entered has downloaded and installed the app successfully. Next, you are presented with a secure screen to input your credit card information. You have the option to "Store for Future Transactions" or not - the Return Reference Number comes into play if you select this option. After that you are taken to a Review and Purchase screen. When you press the Purchase button, the credit card information that you entered is sent securely and directly to our merchant bank for approval. If you have selected the "Store for Future Transactions" checkbox, then we store the Return Reference Number associated with that transaction. The Return Reference Number is a random number that allows us to make purchases in the future for you only on our merchant account.

What information do we share?

Your phone number is the key to your account and all Clear Token transactions are recorded with your phone number. We share your phone number with vendors that you purchase goods and services from. Vendors have access to back-office reporting features such as detail reports which display your phone number, what device was used, and at what date and time. We may share information with law enforcment agencies if requested or required to do so.