“I recently used the cleartoken app to pay for my laundry services in my building. I would just like to tell you how easy it was and that I enjoyed using it. Not only was it a good experience I also liked the discount offered by trying it. All I can say is thank you.”

Laundry Customer

“With the Clear Token devices installed in a test installation, our storage locker customers and our management can control access to the storage lockers without keys and locks.”

Storage Locker Operator

“We are now removing all coin operated washers and dryers. We considered in-house tenant cards but found that the Clear Token technology gives us the ability to give our tenants the ability to use the laundry facilities without the problems of coins or cards.”

Apartment Manager

“Our transit agency’s 48 Park and Ride lots require payment for parking. We use pay & display, monthly & daily permits, and a pay by phone service. We’ve just added Clear Token to our pay & display machines and signs with ‘PAID’ displays. I think we’ve covered almost every payment method known to the industry and like Clear Token the best for cost, reliability and ease.”

Transit Parking Manager

“Clear Token technology has been instrumental in rolling out our new monthly membership program. The Clear Token smartphone app provides a convenient way to dispense water from our automated vending machines. Subscription customers use the app to fill their water containers whenever they like without the need for any special codes, tokens, or mag-stripe cards. Non-subscription customers can use the app on demand to purchase water without the need for credit cards, bills, tokens, or coins. ”

Water Vending Machine Manufacturer